Inspired from afar

Over the weekend, my older sister posted a photo of a tree fungus she found in her yard while cleaning up winter debris...I happened to be editing photos in Photoshop when I saw her post...and immediately thought I would have some fun...
edited with kk texture inked, hue at 86%

The owl peering through the fungus is an image from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam...did you know that they recently made selections from the museum available online (free!) for artists/photographers/creatives to download and play with...its been mind-boggling to view all the options...my head is spinning with ideas...here's the link to explore on your own...its under the "Collections" tab where you can view all the eye-candy

Joining the group over at Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday...
there's a riot of color happening over there today...check it out...


  1. THANKS for the info on the link, I can't wait to visit! Love your image...

  2. Absolutely terrific piece!

  3. Turkey Tail mushrooms. My daughter showed them to me in the Adirondacks. Amazing: http://wildbranchmushrooms.com/turkey-tail

    1. thanks for the info SCrawford - appreciate it!


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worth a look...

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