Industrial Chic

old clocks & vintage wood type
are two of my favorites.

June 24, 2011
Here's a repeat of a past post that has one of my best (and easiest!) junk lighting ideas - linking up to Funky Junk Interiors Saturday Nite Special - there's bound to be plenty of great inspiration for junk lighting...

As I get more enmeshed with blogging, I see other sites have these "link-up parties".  Usually I just click on by but this one caught my attention since it pretty describes the look at our house and the vibe I usually build on when designing projects.

So I took a few photos today of my space, highlighting "Industrial Chic" in my dining room.  Make sure you visit Margo's Junkin Journal, the blogsite sponsoring this link-up party - there's many more ideas there!

A vintage wire wastepaper basket (that was 5 cents at a yard sale!) becomes the perfect lampshade for the dining room pendant.  The lamp fixture is from IKEA - minus the shade that came with it...using my wire cutters, I cut a hole in the bottom of the wastepaper basket and connected it to the lamp fixture in lieu of the paper shade.

A metal shelving unit provides space for more books and other interesting ephemera in the dining room.  The well-loved chair off to the side is one of my favorites - with splatters of green and black paint and twisted metal holding the support struts together, it is amazingly comfortable.

The vignette on top of the metal shelves - love rusted metal!

When I upcycled this free black dresser into the dining room buffet, I created knobs from old sewing bobbins.

Clocks, rulers, metal type and silverplate are a constant theme in the dining room.
Hope you enjoyed the mini-tour! 


  1. I just love that shelf, and I'm a sucker for clocks.
    Thank you for coming to my party.

  2. Oh I love it! The bobbins look so awesome.

  3. just checking in on your blog again and i just have to say how much i love your creativity. also, what an awesome display kimberly did in her store!

  4. Hey GORGEOUS Amy....!

    I hope you're well Lovey....! I ADORE your take on 'industrial chic'....I couldn't take my eyes off your crinkly wire basket....!! Crinkly wire is an old OLD FAVE of mine & I may very well use your idea on one of the two rubbish baskets I have....!!

    It goes without saying that your clock collection is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S....Love love love love LOVE them....!!

    The shelving unit, chair, rusty vignette....I wouldn't have expected anything less than AWESOME from you my creative Friend....!

    I hope your week is FILLED with Treasure....!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  5. Love those knobs. Your style is fabulous

  6. You have some wonderful "Industrial Chic" pieces and do such a great job displaying them. Love the shelf and how it is accessorized.
    I have a large collection of vintage clocks so I loved your display of clocks.
    Also loved the idea of bobbins for cabinet pulls.
    Great ideas!

  7. oh.my.goodness! i am *loving* your selves, and clocks, and lamp shade..oh just everything!! absolutely wonderful!!

  8. What a fabulous display of clocks! So happy I found your blog!

  9. ooohhh, I need to check out your blog further. I love your style!

  10. The lighting fixture and shelf are fabulous!


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