Sunday musings

Yesterday I was able to spend most of the day working in my studio...I was so happy...a place to call my own, where I could work in peace and be surrounded with the supplies/tools/objects that inspire me.  
Virginia Woolf had it right...a woman needs a room of one's own...

In another life of mine...many years ago...this would not have happened...I wouldn't have a room of my own...I put my key in someone else's pocket...luckily that was not for long...

I hope you have your key and hold on to it tight... 


  1. I love this, Amy...and the message speaks to all of us...

  2. So true, you must be true to yourself first. Lovely images!

  3. Definitely a room of my own!

  4. Thanks Amy! Mine is my pocket!

  5. It can be a tough lesson to learn and I think we need to keep reminding ourselves from time to time. Lovely piece.

  6. Inspiring post!

    For a few days I've been sorting and organizing a space a space of my own that's not tucked in a corner, but rather open where things are where belong.


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