Remembering Mom

As the calendar page turns to May, one cannot help but be reminded of Mother's Day...
          and to think about Mom...

My mom passed away 8 years ago but still holds a strong influence in my life...
she taught me a love of sewing and a desire to create...
           to make do with what one had at hand and to take the initiative to figure out problems...
           to try new things and not give up when the going got tough...

In my bout of purging earlier in the year, I unearthed a box of clippings, photos and mementos...I came across a photo of my mom and dad in the early years of their marriage...and decided to play around with it...
and I'm thinking about having it printed up so I can hang it in my studio...SocialPrintStudio has some great metal prints...perfect for my metal mania...

I like this photo mostly for the expression and attitude of my mom...young, fresh, full of anticipation. My parents settled in a small Wisconsin town and that's where I spent my childhood...and throughout the years, my mom continued to have a healthy dose of anticipation for what was up ahead...whether it was raising 6 kids in a small house, moving across the country to Oregon when my dad lost his job, rebuilding her life in a new town after my dad died and finally coming to live with me in her final years.  She wasn't one content to sit by and let things be...

Unfortunately, I don't have many photos of her...I guess we were always so busy that one didn't think about stopping a minute, reflecting on the moment, and taking a photograph to capture the day...

So to honor her memory, I'll take the time this weekend to stop and reflect...shoot a few photos...
and be filled with anticipation of all that still lies ahead...


  1. This is lovely, Amy...she sounds like a beautiful, strong woman. Thank you for sharing...xo

  2. Beautiful - your mom and the tribute. love the collage.

  3. It sounds like your mom was a wonderful person, Amy. What a lovely tribute and collage. Your parents both look very determined in the photo.

  4. This is really special Amy, your Mom would be, is proud of you.
    I love old photos! Even more so when they are personal.
    I can't quite explain why they seem more true
    than our modern counterparts, but to me they do.
    Hope you'll have time to do more! Really wonderful! ♥

  5. What a wonderful tribute to your mom. I feel like I know her from your description. No wonder you have such an eye for beauty, an appreciation of used but useful items, and an eagerness to try new things.

  6. I love how you incorporated vintage into a digital collage. Super!

  7. A wonderful way to remember - and honor - your mom.

  8. Lovely story and a great tribute to your mom.

  9. Fabulous piece and loving celebration of your mom. Xoxo

  10. Great tribute, great photo, and great artwork.

  11. A wonderful post and tribute to your Mom.Thanks so much for sharing xo

  12. Oh Amy that's a beautiful post! A blessing to have her memories and that you cared for her in the end.

  13. This a lovely post- made me miss my mom even though our relationship was complicated.


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