Happy Earth Day!

I remember the first Earth Day in 1970...I'm glad that we are still giving a nod to the Earth and all its wonders...and I am still hopeful that more and more of us come to realize that we must treat this planet with all the love and respect we give our personal homes...because, in the big picture, the Earth is our ultimate home...

This idea of treating the Earth wisely is part of what fuels my art...foraging from those things that others throw away and find no value in...finding new life in remnants of the past...creating combinations of everyday ephemera.

I'm pleased to have three of my collage assemblages included in a gallery show at the Schack Art Center which is all about recycled art.  "Saving the Environment: Sustainable Art" runs at the Center from April 23 - May 30; the opening reception is tomorrow evening from 5-8 pm at the Center which is located in downtown Everett.

If you're in the neighborhood, stop on by...I'll be there...along with plenty of great art to amaze you...you'll be surprised at what others may think is junk can be turned into fantastic art with just a bit of insight and inspiration...


  1. This is a lovely piece, Amy...and the gallery show sounds wonderful!

  2. It's a beautiful collage, Amy. It looks very 3-dimensinal. Congratulations on having some pieces included in the gallery show. I wish I could come visit.
    xo Julia

  3. so wish I was in the neighborhood to stop by and support you! Congratulations Amy.

  4. I really wish I could be there! The exhibit sounds fantastic! And, your collage is just wonderful!

  5. Sometimes I feel like we are making great strides forward with saving the earth and sometimes I feel like we are taking two steps back. Congratulations on the pieces in the show!


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