Following the thread...

I love old things...and the stories that they tell...

Some people see a pile of useless junk...I see a former life, a past event, a fleeting thought, a momentary wish...

Sometimes I let my imagination run ahead...and spin a tale...pulling the thread of the story...seeing where it may lead...

Last week I participated in the 7 vignettes challenge on Instagram.  Sponsored by Interiors Addict, there's a list of 7 prompts for you to follow and post your photographic inspiration.  I had such a grand time chasing down my story that I thought I would share with you here...

Day One - Blush
I can't say exactly what prompted me to pull out these things...most likely it was the large spool of linen thread in a dusty pink color sitting on a shelf that caught my eye...and then the photo on my inspiration board behind my computer screen...it was the start of the tale...

"blush...the color that rises in a young girl's cheeks when an admirer notices her in all her beauty..."

Day 2 - Bloom
"the fresh lilac blooms brightened her outlook that spring had arrived on this first day of April"

Day 3 - Light
"and so she had a thought...an inkling of an idea...perhaps this young man who made her blush...and brought her such lovely blooms...was the one...her face lit up with anticipation..."

Day 4 - Soft
"she felt like she could soar...her heart unfettered...but if she fell, she knew she would have a soft place to land...is this what one calls love..."

Day 5 - Easter
"rebirth...a new awakening...a fresh start...could this be the direction she sought...the path to follow...her heart guides the way...

Day 6 - Weave
"she remembered him hanging around her father's auto shop...never saying much but always tinkering...papa passed away while she was away at nursing school and now he had taken over the shop...their lives had been intertwined at the edges for years...perhaps it was time to strengthen the weave..."

Day 7 - Gold
"tied up with hopes for the future, a home filled with love and a promise of time eternal, the circle of gold on her ring finger signifies, not a closed chapter, but a new beginning..."

Pulling the thread of imagination, you never know what you might find...
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  1. always adore your treasures...and beautiful vignettes.... so lovely. xo

  2. You are a wonderful story teller! I really felt like the story was the focus here and the photos just the illustrations. Wonderful!

  3. Love the weaving of your words with the poignant images.

  4. Totally, totally cool stuff! The words and the images tell such an amazing story. Just having come from a trip to a huge antique barn I can totally relate. All I could think of was 'who owned this trunk and what did they carry in it?'

  5. love this amy. your mind....does it ever sleep?

  6. Loved seeing this again all together! Such a beautiful series.

  7. Your compositions need just a few items to draw attention. Beautiful story and pictures, Amy.

  8. I love your work and creativity so much and enjoyed following your series on IG. Thanks for posting it here in one spot to be admired completely.

  9. All so awesome. I love your work!

  10. Each and everyone of these are fantastic! Well done!!,

  11. I love how the tread theme seems to lead from on photo to the next. Simplistic is so wonderful!

  12. Such lovely vignettes Amy! each of them has its own story and wonderful props... I must say that the one with the lilac branch is my favorite... I love the way you used the pages of an old account book for your backgrounds... and like you, I love old things and the stories behind them...

  13. Love how you use your imagination for these beautiful compositions!

  14. Your pairings are beautiful, yet I'd have never considered placing them together. You're inspired - and inspiring!
    Please come share at this week's Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday) here:

  15. Bravo! I love a story!

  16. Bravo! I love a story!

  17. It's always refreshing to check in with you:) I feel so creative afterwards! Laura aka hastypearl

  18. Amy, You are a born story-teller. This love story touches my heart and on this day it does my heart good to remember . . . isn't it only love that truly matters? Your thoughtful collages bring the story to life - and give my eyes a place a rest and think. The time to get lost in a picture and just think is a gift for me - and so I say, Thank You!


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