sneak peek...

Just a little peek...
some of the creative artistic gifts that will be available tomorrow 
at my Holiday Studio Sale...

Hope to see you...stop in...say hi...share some cheer...


  1. Amy, Your ruler bent to make a star is something I'd buy right away! I love the style, the re-purposeful nature, the numbers and the holiday decoration that says holiday in a subtle way. I wish you great success with your sales.

    By the way, you know the photo of yours - colors of summer, I believe - with the little turquoise berry baskets and the fruit? Our local Michael's has those berry baskets in red, for the Christmas season. Just thought you might like to check them out - a possible photo prop?

  2. I hope you know, if it weren't an impossible commute ...
    I'd be there with rusty bells on! ;o)

  3. I do hope some of these items might end up in your Etsy shop!

  4. Wish I could have been there Amy. I heard it was da bomb!

  5. So wish I could fly over on a magic carpet

  6. It would have been fun to be 2 places at one time! Did all go well?


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