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I've been busy in my studio...prepping for the holidays...creating artistic one of a kind gifts for everyone on your list...I have two shows left for the season...and the next one up is right in my own backyard...literally - its at my workshop studio...

I hope that you'll stop by if you're in the area...even just to say hi and share a glass of festive fun...

and possibly be enticed with some of the goods for sale...

I've been having fun with graphic images...on a variety of surfaces...

These glass coasters combine vintage photos with modern typography...use them to cradle a wine glass, round up earrings on your bedroom dresser or stand in as an impromptu saltcellar in your kitchen...

Last year I printed up a bunch of fabric samples courtesy of Spoonflower, using my own collage images, to test out a couple of ideas...these linen samples have been made into relaxation pillows...filled with lavender and rice, you can heat them in the microwave and then enjoy a warm compress on an achy joint or sore muscle...and inhale the lavender scent...

During the summer, I picked up a large package of transfer sheets (for a song!) at a yard sale...using my photographic collages, I've been printing and transferring these images to linen and then sewing up pillows...
stuffed with a down feather insert, they are immensely comfortable for lounging...

I had one transfer sheet that I forgot to flip the image before I printed...so the type was not reversed...rather than throw it away, I had a eureka moment...maybe I could print onto other surfaces than fabric?
I tried a scrap of wood...that worked out well...

Then I tried a piece of galvanized metal...

didn't work as well...the edges didn't adhere...I'm guessing that the surface is too smooth...there's more "tooth" to fabric and wood...I'll have to experiment to see if sanding the metal surface helps...

In any event, I hope to see you on the 22nd...in addition to my creative offerings, there will be handmade jewelry from Tammi of My Brown Wren and mixed media collage from Jody of Latitude Studios...and plenty of laughter & festive cheer...


  1. Amy, I love your creations which combine so many of my favorite things - photography, sewing, vintage and re-purposed styles, handmade . . . need I go on? LOVE your art! If I lived near you, I'd be the first at your door. For several years, I worked for an artist who made pillows and lavender sachets similar to yours - I was her sewer (is that the right word)? Anyway, you've almost given me the confidence to try making a few pillows - your materials and workmanship set your art works apart from the rest. Wish I could touch them!

  2. Looks and sounds wonderful Amy, wish I were nearer!

  3. If I start walking now I might make it in time for the sale ;) Great goodies. I am intrigued by the eye glasses. Will you be offering any goodies in your online shop? Wishing you booming sales.

  4. A show in your studio will be wonderful! Happy for all those close enough to attend.

  5. Wish I could be there. No doubt it will be a success!

  6. I have the date on my calender! Looking forward to it!

  7. They all look wonderful! I echo Sandy's question, will any of these be available in your Etsy shop?

  8. I would so come if I could :) Your creative inspirations always amaze me and just the range of items you come up with, all so very good.

  9. You know I'd be there if I didn't live across the country from you. Sounds like so much fun--and a great opportunity for gift-buying!

  10. How could I not come to this sale. I get to see you and Jody. I get to see the studio again. And I get to see great things for sale that will tempt me to no end I just know.


  11. OH these are beautiful...you'll have a wonderfully fun sale!

  12. OOH I want to come! Could you send an evite to my email: JonesMooreStudioArt@gmail.com

  13. Beautiful creations, Amy! I wish I would be able to come over. Have a successful and fun sale!


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