I come from a large family...I have three brothers and two sisters...we're a wide spread bunch...each of us living in different parts of the country...all with very different lives

We grew up in a small Midwestern town with the trials and tribulations of family life, the ups and the downs, the celebrations and the disappointments...all spaced with ages within a 10 year span...I didn't think much about my siblings growing up...they were just... there...

It wasn't until I went away to college...and was a freshman at the same university where my sister Stacey was a senior that I began to forge a deeper relationship with her...someone who knew my past while understanding what I was facing in the present as well as what awaited me in the future...

Years go by...school, graduation, first job...moves across the country, relationships start and end, marriage, divorce, new job, more moving...

As it would happen, Stacey and I both ended up in the Pacific Northwest and over the past 25 years cemented a relationship that defies words...we experienced Paris for the first time together...we both owned Saabs for a while...we cultivated a love for junking...and for ice cream sandwiches.  We took care of our mother during the last years of her life...and have wept over the loss of more than one dog. 

Today is her birthday...and I made her a special altered book to recognize how special she is...
this is the cover...

And though we won't get to spend the day physically together, she knows that I am there in good spirits with her...Happy Birthday Stacey!
I am the one with the straight hair...my sister Stacey is the prankster...


  1. I don't have a sister. You have been blessed!

  2. What a special gift for a special sister! I am always envious of situations I never had. I am so glad you treasure it.

  3. 1966 the year of you photo. My sister would have been 9, so I'd be 10. We had so much fun together even when our pesky little brothers tagged along. Having a sister really has been a blessing throughout the years. Happy Birthday to yours!

  4. This is very sweet! Happy birthday to Stacey!

  5. It sounds like you two have a wonderful relationship and a lot in common. Happy Birthday to Stacey!

  6. Happy Birthday to your sister!! Your family sounds like mine….3 brothers, 2 sisters, nine years between all of us. I just returned tonight from a trip to NY with my two sisters, my mom and niece. Nothing beats being with family!


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