Pride of workmanship

As I've been renovating my daylight basement into my new workshop studio, I've come to appreciate workmanship...the attention to detail, the precision of lining everything up and be level, and the ability to have a complicated process look seamlessly simple...

A week or so ago, I caught the last day of a large estate sale...its always my favorite time to go just as the sale is winding down...what remnants remain that have been orphaned...those are the items I look for...

This trio fit the bill...add in the fact that the three pieces hit the high notes of old metal (yes!) and aged string (I have a thing about string), I felt I had hit the jackpot - and all for the price of a dollar!

Simple, everyday items...

The intricacies of the ball of string are amazing...
how a closure was constructed from a small stick and a figure-eight wrap...

The font inscribed on the scissor's hilt...beauty in design...

Joining the others over at Kim Klassen's Friday Finds...finding beauty in the simple things...


  1. Love your finds and your appreciation to the detail Amy, I'm with you!

  2. Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  3. ohhh what a find and for so cheap! I am glad there are others out there who would purchase and old ball of string and so elegantly refer to it as aged string : )

  4. A dollar you say with glee as the vendor says a dollar with a different sort of glee! Gotta love estate sales!

  5. So amazing what the thrill of the hunt and a good find for so little money can do for the soul. But even better is what you transform them into with your photos.

  6. What a great deal, Amy. It's a shame that the pride in workmanship gets lost more and more and that a lot of things are made to last only a short period of time.
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my rusty flower collage. I'm happy to hear that I might have inspired you.
    Have a sunny week :)!

  7. 1 dollar?! what is further amazing is that what at first seems disparate items, they actually would work very well together. The metal funnel becomes a string holder and the scissors, of course, for cutting the string.


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