Waiting for its encore

Hidden beneath a heavy damask curtain...rolled up in a pile in a corner of the stairway...
I spied a corner of the familiar blue stripe...and knew that I had found a treasure...

As I tugged and pulled, my heart beat faster...yard upon yard of old mattress ticking...
heavyweight canvas with the traditional blue stripe...

Mine you, this is far from pristine...it is torn and tattered in spots...faded and stained in others...but it has the patina of a thousand tales to be told.

There are two covers here...still sewn together in some places...there's even the placket with the button closure remaining on one piece...

What will I do with it?  besides admire the texture and the tones...

I have been wanting to incorporate fabric into my collage work... I have always loved fabric...when I started my company 15 years ago, I had a line of pillows and linens that were sewn from vintage materials...lovely, beautiful pieces...one of a kind creations.  But I became frustrated when customers would sigh and ask if I could do green instead of blue...or a red plaid instead of a yellow floral...or...so I had to let it go and move onto to other projects...

What will this ticking become...perhaps it will be part of a multi-media collage...or the lining for a vintage inspired tote bag...or a slipcover for my living room ottoman...there's plenty of material...it will have many encores...

or I may just admire its textures and tones...
paired with a page from the old farm journal I bought at the same estate sale, it makes a beautiful still life...

I'm over at Friday Finds...why not join me...


  1. Love this ticking, so vintage.

  2. Oh wow!! This is just fantastic!! I too love old fabric, and worn is even better. Love the photo with the old journal - priceless!! Beautiful post today!

  3. Great find! I see only wonderful things coming out of this wonderful treasure!!

  4. Great find, Amy, gorgeous fabric !
    Nice weekend,

  5. Ticking is my favourite I have made cushion covers with some I found but I have a bit left for a rainy day.
    Look forward to seeing some fabric collage.

  6. ohhhhh what a find - lovely!

  7. Such beautiful images, the old ticking speaks volumes...

    1. absolutely Christie...hoping those stories inspire as I begin to work with it...

  8. lordy but what i wouldnt do to get my hands on that! lucky you! also really wanted to let you know I'm starting a new creative 'workspace' linkup over on my blog every other Saturday for all creatives! come take a look would be awesome if you came to play! also a sketchbook linky on alternate Saturdays! xxx http://textgeorge.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/i-want-to-be-inspired.html

  9. You certainly did find some treasures, and I so enjoyed the story you told!

  10. oh I think it looks wonderful just as a pile for photographing

  11. You have discovered a true treasure! I have a few yards of worn, tattered ticking folded on an open shelf. I can't decide what to do with it, I hate to cut it up! I am sure you will creative something beautiful with your discovery!

  12. Hi Amy.
    Thanks for your visit and your wonderful tutorials. Your blog is great.
    Happy week.


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