All that remains

A crisp fall morning...a weed-covered field among the 1960's ranch houses...an old homestead...with a barn and an aging farmhouse...an orchard that held on to the end...its inhabitants now gone...the remainders for sale...

an old ledger...weighing in at 15 pounds...recording daily transactions...outlines a much simpler time...

the beginning pages bear witness to a life in 1920...and then fade away...
left blank...unanswered questions to what transpired...

the kraft envelope was discovered, tucked among the pages...
the rusted scissors and jute twine, additional found treasures...
edited with kk texture oro - darken at 62% and
second layer - hue at 39%

93 years from now...what will be left behind to tell my story...
edited with kk texture salut - darken at 60%
and kk texture inked - overlay at 9%

linking up to Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday...what life story do you have to tell...


  1. A wonderful post - I love the last two photos with with the scissors.

  2. The last photo is so cool!

  3. What treasures, filled with both history and mystery...wonderful images!

  4. Wonderful post. Especially the envelope, twine and scissors.

  5. I love old letters and books and ledgers... you are so fortunate to discover such a find.. especially the last image.. what a treasure trove.

  6. I love anything old and vintage...i'm running out of room to store everything. Love those scissors.

  7. Beautiful treasures and your beautiful photos to do justice to them. Very nice.

  8. Beautiful images from a time gone by - a wonderful post!


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