Simple gifts, part four

A wedding is always such a joyous occasion...

This bride's colors are white, silver and black...I wanted the gift wrapping to reflect her choices...the white and silver part was easy...white curlicue paper with a silver shimmer, tied up with while tulle...but the black had me stumped for a moment...

Rummaging around the studio...the eureka moment...a touch of black, the mesh weave giving just the right amount of lightness...

Tied up all together...a pretty package...

Want to guess what the black mesh is? 

It's the remains from trimming a black solar window shade...

Eco-chic voilà!


  1. The package is gorgeous, Amy. I was going to guess it was screening, since it looks like something I have used in some of my collages.

  2. Hi Amy, It's just perfect for a wedding and I'm sure that this piece of screen never dreamed of becoming part of something so beautiful and elegant.
    Have a great day!

  3. Amy, They loved the wrapping. Thought the way you tied the bow was so "clever"
    It was BEAUTIFUL!!

  4. It is so gorgeous! I am a gift wrapping FREAK. Just ask the Southern Man. He'll tell you.

  5. Everyone loves a pretty package!! Lovely for sure.


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