No place like home

Yesterday was one of those days to finally tackle that home "to-do" list...you know the one...to fix those nagging little problems...and the continual maintenance...all those "joys" of home ownership...

So the Southern Man and I started off in the morning...scraping peeling paint...then priming...and making sure we found the right can of paint...
then tackling the forsythia bush which is taking over a corner of the front yard...and then measuring boards to repair the back deck...

We didn't get it all done...but its a start...and makes me appreciate my wonderfully old house...it certainly has its quirks...but it also has personality.

As I was pruning the maple tree (which now has a little more room to breathe since the forsythia is cut down to size), I snagged one of the branches out of the pile...and then clipped a few hydrangea blooms...and a couple of stems of my bolted oregano...
I like to keep a vase of fresh flowers/greenery in the front hallway...its the last thing I see as I head up the stairs to bed at night and the first thing I see as I make my way to the kitchen in the morning

...just a little something to remind me...there's no place like home...

sharing my post over at Kim Klassen's Friday Finds...a weekly celebration of life's simple pleasures...
what simple pleasure did you discover this week?


  1. Beautiful bouquet and it looks marvelous in your lovely white foyer!

    1. thanks Dottie - the flowers do pop with the all white in the background...

  2. Beautiful images...a lovely idea seeing first and last of the day your fresh flowers on that lovely little hall table.

  3. Beautifully done - and a sweet idea to add the maple and oregano greenery! LOVE the white table and bannister rails with the walls. The bottom closeup is perfect with the quote - makes me long for a bouquet like this. Enjoy your Home!!

    1. thanks Beverly - I often make bouquet from whatever I find in the yard - using things that aren't necessarily flowers - you can do it too!

  4. I am a huge, huge fan of adding branches to beautiful flowers. Your images are just beautiful, but even more so, don't you just love getting those nagging and annoying "things to do" out of the way? Oh gosh, we have a ton, and the list just grows and grows. But when that day finally comes, I know we will both feel better. I love you post, it hits home with me!

    Thanks for sharing such beautiful images with very thoughtful words...
    Big hugs

  5. Hi Amy, In the morning I love to watch the hummingbirds out my front open window. Listening to them chatter as my hubby and I have our coffee.

    1. Emilou - what a wonderful nature treat! I sometimes see a single hummingbird in the yard...but never more than one - lucky you!


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