The assembly line

Though I experience both joy and frustration with creating my art, everyday can not be so emotional...some days are filled with repetition of the same tasks...

Years ago, when I was just starting out...and every one of my vintage art cards were made by hand, using all original materials, it was draining to hear the constant din of "what do you have that's new..."  At the time I was wholesaling my cards to shops across the country, through Ted Kennedy Watson's showroom.  Ted offered me some sage advice - don't always think that you need to create a new image...rather, think about how else you could use that image but in a new way.

Ted has long since closed his showroom, concentrating on his retail shops, but he has continued to be a mentor for me...be sure to check out his blog at www.tedkennedywatson.com 

So with the advent of digital printing, I have been using reprints of my original images in several different ways...this week finds me mass producing coasters for my last holiday show...

It would be nice if everyone wanted a piece of original art...but art is a very discretionary purchase...using my images on coasters, paperweights, message boards and greeting cards makes it an affordable gift...and still gives me an opportunity to share my view of everyday ephemera with others.

I hope to see you in two weeks at my last show of the year...Phinney Winter Festival in Seattle...until then, I need to get back to glueing, sanding & waxing...


  1. Wise advice! I should take a page from you book!! Good luck at the show...and have fun!!!

  2. Oh, how I wish I could be there to see your art in person. Please share photos of your items before you get to the show...maybe I could Christmas shop!

  3. hey amy
    these are terrific! love the coasters. what did you use for the base?

    have a great show, wish i could make it to the festival, i bet it will be amalzing.
    i don't know why i never put it together that you live in the seattle area. my dear friend lives in phinney ridge, we visit each other a couple of time every year (she comes here or i go there).

  4. Hi Amy - I saw your photo on FB today and popped by your blog to see what the heck you are making - ah-ha! Coasters! Love them! And I'm excited to see you in 2 weeks at the PNA Winter Festival.

    Hugs from PT,

    ps - thanks for the link to Ted's site - eye candy a go-go! : )

  5. Thank you for passing on his sage advice...made me think! Your creations are wonderful, Amy!


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