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Before our Thanksgiving guests arrived on Thursday, I needed to clean off the dining room table...which was a first since early spring...its been a temporary work table throughout the year...but now it was going to be used for its intended purpose.

Since I was on a roll, I cleaned off my office work table as well...and in the process of picking up and organizing all the bits and pieces from previous art projects, I soon had accumulated a small pile of ephemera that called out to me...

An idea formed...there was a spare piece of wood in the pile...with an interesting grain pattern...a little paint, a little texture...I was on my way...

I started the collage on Thursday morning and finished it up Friday afternoon...that's the bit about layering paint, paper and found objects...each step takes only a minute or two...and then needs to dry or set up before the next step occurs...which made this collage project ideal to begin before cooking the rest of the t-day meal...and squeeze in another step in-between last minute dinner preparations...and continuing the next morning before taking off for work...so that by the time I came home from my shift (and surviving Black Friday) I was ready to add the finishing touches...

I like projects that limit my physical material choices...I find it stretches my intuitive options...and it was the perfect activity during the rush of these last few days...cohesive, creative, calming...
Because there will be more hectic days ahead...hopefully I'll squeeze in a few more moments of collage...


  1. I really love this ... an interesting way to save bits in pieces in a creative piece of art. I especially love the use of the dog tag. Thanks for sharing. ;->

  2. Lovely, I like how you have to work within the box created. A real challenge.

  3. marvelous! xox

  4. Fantastic!! I completely agree that having limited resources can REALLY spur your creative muse!

  5. It looks great! I agree, I love to create with the bits and pieces that are left around.

  6. beautiful piece! and you are so right about the adaptability of collage .... I am inspired :)

  7. I saw your profil pic and loved it! I'm so glad I stopped by for a visit so that I could now discover your blog! You create such beauty with such simple objects ... love this collage!

    Enjoyed the visit!
    Gaby xo


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