Delight in the details

While I recently wrote about injecting some summer soupรงon into my home, giving it an overall refresh...it is really the details that delight me.  Though I pared down the layers, I still have (and want!) those touches that breathe a bit of soul into a space...its these details that make a house a home...and importantly, makes it your unique space...

We have a lot of books...and other interesting finds...so the three shelving units in the dining room has a rotating collection of stuff...two of the units are wood, painted dark green, while the middle piece is an old rolling metal shelf that is mostly green...with a bit of blue, black and rust in spots...since it is the same depth as the wood units, it blends in nicely and looks cohesive...

When I arrange, I do it with a theme in mind...sometimes, more than one theme (same topic/same colors/same function)...this helps to unite a seemingly unconnected mass of junk into...well...a connected mass of junk! 
Here, the typewriter, the massive dictionary, the old wood type (in the tall glass vase), the assorted pen points (in the short glass vase) and the light bulbs are tied together with the stencil word IDEA, punctuated with the doorbell mechanism...signifying that eureka moment when an idea pops into your head...

The clock bodies/faces/mechanisms are an extension of my larger collection...but again pared down for a lighter effect...the two large rings are hoops from an old barrel...just that circle helps to tie the vignette together...

Step outside of the bounds with what you think you can hang on the wall...I love to mount objects other than framed pictures/prints...breaks up the surface and adds more interest and variety...this oversized clock mechanism is suspended by a length of jute twine hanging from a decorative brass nail.

Keeping the color scheme in check (white/silver/gray with a touch of yellow/gold and black)
provides another unifying element.
Giving the eye (and the imagination) something to amuse/stimulate/entertain/ponder
refreshes me on a daily basis since I walk past these shelves countless times...

And isn't that what your home should do for you...


  1. I LOVE everything about this whole post! I was just going through a bunch of big vintage stencils like this today thinking how I want to use them...thanks for the inspiration!

  2. There you go again...showing off!! Absolutely wonderful set-ups!! Someday I'm going to make it to your neck of the woods and then I'll want to spend at least one day just photographing in your home!! I'll even bring the wine!!

  3. Amy, everything about this post makes me happy! Thank you. Let me know when Dave's visiting and I'll bring the cheese to go with his wine!

  4. Hi Amy! I love this post!! Great stuff. Thanks for your nice comment on our post; sorry it has taken me awhile to say so. Summer just seems to fly by. No, I didn't get the maps -- there are several of them. Nothing is priced upstairs, so I haven't tried yet! Maybe on the next visit, as there are some other treasures up there that have caught my eye. Come see me again soon. xo

  5. I could move right into your house and be happy. Love the things you have and the way they're arranged.

  6. This is the kid of displays I would love to have in my home. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm a new follower :)


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