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A few weeks ago, I posted about changing up things at home...after 10 years, it was time to do a little

The set of vintage Paris postcards that had been hanging in our living room belonged to my mom...she gave them to me shortly after we moved into our present house.  The cards were a gift from a wartime beau who was courting her...he knew that she had a postcard collection so he brought back several Paris images when stationed overseas.  And though he did not win her heart, she did keep the postcards...and 60 years later she relayed this story to me...

Changing the artwork in the living room to an eclectric bird theme meant the postcards had to move...they had been hung in a symetrical grid...duplicating that arrangement might prove difficult.  I had read several times about the tip to make a newsprint template when hanging art...I decided to give it a try...

I wanted to move the postcard display to the dining room...since the cards were mounted on white watercolor stock, the lightness of the prints would brighten the room.  I measured the wall and determined a rough placement...I cut 9 paper templates and armed myself with plenty of blue tape...

A level was extraordinarily helpful for this project...in fact, I find my small level (with a magnet on one side) one of the most useful tools I have...soon I had my grid laid out...

I had one extra of the frames that I used to mount the postcards - this was helpful in finding the exact designation of the nail hole since I could line up the frame with the paper template and make a mark in the same location for each template.  I simply hammered a small nail into each mark, removed the paper template and hung each card...again using the level to ensure everything was straight and aligned.

And soon all nine postcards were hung...

The lightness and whiteness has made the dining room brighter...and the postcards are still on display, a daily reminder of my mom.

And I can lay testimony to the newsprint template technique for hanging art-
it saved time, effort and frustration...a triple hit!
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  1. As a retired picture framer/picture hanger I commend you on a wonderful job!

  2. Love the postcards...but I lust after those suitcases!!! Great post!!

  3. Great ideas! Pinning!

  4. This is a great post. I am constantly amazed at what you not only think up to do, but actually getting it done so well.

  5. I loved hearing the story behind the postcards. They look fabulous grouped together on the wall! And the suitcases....love them!

  6. These look awesome and I love that you weren't scared off because some were vertical and some horizontal...you used the same size frames and they look great. Everything looks wonderfully inviting!!

  7. Hats off to you! Great job! I usually just eyeball things and bang a bunch of nailholes until things kinda sorta look right (and then hope the frames will cover the holes). The prints looks wonderful in the room...and of course they look just right beside the suitcases, as I am sure you knew they would.

  8. I love everything about this! I have looked at it for several minutes, several times and find it very interesting with all the textures, colors and arrangement....PERFECT! I love the old postcards!

  9. The postcards look great and I especially admire how they are matted. My pet peeve is prints or other artworks that are centered vertically on a mat. I think it always looks MUCH better when there is extra mat at the bottom, as shown here. Bravo and well done!

  10. These look beautiful. Where are the frames from? I have been searching for something just like these!


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