Learning new tricks

Last Friday, this old dog had a chance to learn a few new tricks...I've been curious about encaustic collage work for some time...when my art friend Leslie West announced that she was hosting a beginner's workshop...I was first to sign up.

There were only 4 of us in the class...and we met in Leslie's art studio...which was such a treat...I love checking out other artist's work space...I find it fascinating to see what they gather around them for inspiration...

Leslie explained the basic process and then set us on our way...adding in supplemental information as we worked.  She gave each of us a 20" x 24" canvas board that was partioned into 16 squares...working in a smaller area was easier to tackle and it gave us the opportunity to try different techniques in each space.

Some of us brought along our own "stuff" to incorporate into the process...but Leslie had plenty of raw materials/ideas/suggestions to spark our imaginations...

I jumped right in...my inclination for letters/numbers/graphic shapes guided my design...and interesting, a large dose of the color red appeared...

After 5 hours...this is what my three classmates created...

Not all of us finished...I still have some found objects I want to add to a couple of my squares...here are the squares that I feel turned out well...

and of course...there had to be birds!

I don't know how much I will pursue this technique in my own work...but its always good to try something new...and it was a great creative day...always the best!


  1. This looks like fun...and very creative!

  2. I have wanted to try this, I love the look and feel of it. Your squares are awesome! t.xoox

  3. Just love the red black and white one...and the birds. Beautiful work...play!

  4. Looks great Amy.. let me know when you sign up for another workshop, would love to do one with you!

  5. Great photos of the workshop. Your black and white and bird piece has a nicely balanced composition. I like the repetition of the dots and birds.

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  7. This looks like it was a lot of fun. Thanks for showing the progress shots. Fascinating!

  8. I've popped over to visit after seeing that you inspired Dave of Clearer Reflections. I agree with Dave, your photos are really lovely and I've enjoyed reading through your blog.

  9. I can feel the waxy goodness from here. Love what you did with the technique. Terrific photos, as usual.

  10. That sounds like a fantastic day. Only four of you with your instructor/friend in her studio learning new techniques. Your squares you shared are awesome. I love all kinds of grid work. (Was there good food too? ha! you can see my focus isn't just on art)


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