I am a catalog junkie...part 2

Last August when I received the IKEA catalog in the mail, I confessed that I am a catalog junkie ...I recently received a major infusion...the Restoration Hardware catalog...and this time I didn't squeal...I swooned...this was the first image I saw when I opened the catalog...

I knew this was going to be good...luscious photography, exquisite furniture, immaculate styling...I don't know anyone who lives this way (well, actually - in another life, I did know people who lived this way...but that was long ago and far away...) but the treasure trove of ideas would be fabulous.

I had to pace myself...the catalogs (there were three of them in the package...and they call them "source books" not catalogs) weighed almost 5 pounds and the package was over 1" thick...and who says the postal service is going broke...I would guess they made a fortune mailing this baby out to thousands...and I'm not even sure how I scored this boatload...I bought two pillows from Restoration Hardware over 8 years ago...oh yes, they must know I'm a decorating maven!

And though I won't be rushing out any time soon to buy any of this furniture, it is a source of ideas/inspiration/fodder...and good design is a hallmark to follow whether its economical (like IKEA) or expensive (like RH)

A few of the pages I drooled over with my own comments added...

What I love about their design is that every piece looks like it could stand up to everyday living...putting a glass down on a table without a coaster, having the dog jump up on the couch, move the metal dining chairs outside if needed or bring the patio furniture into the house...very adaptable...and classic...

I'll be keeping these source books for a while...if only to drool over that Parisian pied-a-terre on the first page...


  1. What wonderful "furniture porn"! I can see why you would love these catalogs...they are incredible "dream books"!!

  2. Oh, oh, oh I just love RH catalogue too! Last week I was drooling over everything in their Vancouver store. I'm surprised they don't hand out bibs!

  3. Big RH fan, spend way to much time on their site. Really loving those chairs with the exposed frames..have 4 rounded back chairs getting ready to refurbish..may leave the exposed wood on the backs. Was thinking on it, now your post may have sealed the deal.
    Oh and that mirror..unreal !!


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