I believe in karma

I have always believed that one should be responsible for their actions and that goodness will encourage more goodness whereas bad...well, let's not go there...
And where I normally shrug off bad stuff, I've had two instances in the last three weeks that have just been too much...
The first instance was at the Fresh Paint Art Festival a couple of weekends ago.  While I was helping a customer in the back of my booth, someone came along and helped themselves to the display on my front table, taking two small glass mounted collages and one paperweight collage.
After the Fresh Paint weekend, I took some of my multi-media collages to my space at Faded Elegance.  I still had a garden theme going on and thought that my "Plant the Seed" collage would fit in nicely.  Today while I was at Faded Elegance to fluff my booth, I discovered that someone had taken the vintage embellished bottle that was wired onto the collage - and not just looped around once, but wrapped with wire three times and attached to the back of a wooden board.  They really had to work to remove it - I'm only thankful that they didn't destroy any other part of the artwork.

broken wire...no bottle!
This is the first time that I have been on the receiving end of such brazen action regarding my art.  Both instances took a lot of nerve.
I hope that the individuals who did these deeds receive their karmic kickback!

worth a look...

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