Everybody's talkin...

Everybody has been talking about this book -

First there was Donna Watson  - donnawatsonart.blogspot
and then Lisa JonesMoore - jonesmoore.blogspot
My interest was piqued - I wanted to find this book!
My name finally made it to the top of the list at the local public library and I picked up my copy of Masters Collage to peruse for the next two weeks.  Just thumbing through it briefly filled me with awe and inspiration.  Layers is one of the blogs that I just relish - Donna Watson has a calm and collected perspective - her work is included in this book.

The ideas, compositions and approaches vary greatly but all are appealing.  Its incredible to see how 40 different artists interpret collage 40 different ways.  It sparks the discussion of where that root of creativity originates - and what compels some of us to take a torn piece of paper and attach it to another piece of paper just so.

I'm only halfway through the volume - I'm wanting to savor every page - but so far I find the work of Nancy Goodman Lawrence astounding.  She primarily uses pieces of maps, with all their color variations, as the composing pieces of her collage.  At first glance, you see the overall image of the work but as you look closer, you see the intricacies of the map pieces and you are amazed.

I'm also loving the work of Mary Emma Hawthorne - mostly because she focuses on birds which is a favorite subject of mine.

I could go on and on about the artists in this book, but you should check it out for yourself - Masters Collage - Major Works by Leading Artists published by Lark Books.

worth a look...

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