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a local kitty comfortable
among the yard sale offerings
Wanted to share some of my shopping success while in Yakima for my mini-vacation.  Love poking around in Yakima - everybody is always looking for something different and when you change locations, you get a different mixture of castoffs/ buried treasures/ fodder for inspiration! 

Went to a farm sale - "moving off the farm, everything has to go"  These kind of sales are the best since there promises to be lots of rust and metal - two of my favorite items.  Also went to the local Re-Store and found more stray house numbers for my clock collage.  A photo of my finds...I'm thinking of making a chandelier from the metal bike wheel frames...

After shopping the local thrift stores, we wandered into this shop in downtown Yakima - Garden Dance.  They had the most beautiful displays with quirky vintage finds mixed in with the simple chic clothing. 

That's the end of my mini-vacation...now I need to get busy preparing for Fresh Paint!


  1. I have stumbled onto your blog, via beth's site. Lovely and inspirational.

  2. I love all the rust and vintage looking stuff. Next time you need a barn sale partner, call me!

  3. tammi - you're on! and aren't there interesting sales over on the island...!


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