812 miles later

I'm back from my mini-vacation to Eastern Washington and other points south.  As I mentioned before I took off, I wanted to accomplish three things-
1) feel some summer warmth
2) see the progress on my sister's backyard
3) attend the Barn House flea market. 

Barn House - check - see my pictures of inspiration from our visit in my last blog post.
Summer warmth - check - it was 90 degrees in Yakima - though it rained for the first time in two months the day I arrived...must have brought it with me!
So onto the backyard progress...
My sister's garden shed is fantastic - a wonderful backyard addition - great gardening storage and plenty of inspiration- just look at the cubby holes - practical mixed with fun.

Nothing had been done to the shed floor, so I offered to paint it so it would hold up to wear/tear and the elements.  There was a grid pattern existing on the pressed plywood floor so I used this as a design feature.  I taped off a combination of large and small squares to be filled in later with contrasting colors.  I painted the majority of the floor with gray porch & floor paint by Valspar.  With such warm weather, it took no time at all to paint two coats of gray and move onto the colored squares.

an aside - these 1/2 pint cans of sample paints from Valspar are perfect for small projects.  They can be mixed in any color you want - but the only finish available is interior satin.  Now this is not a good finish for a floor paint, but with these small accent squares, I felt that it would work fine...and since I picked up these four mistints for 50 cents each, it was a great bargain...it helps that I work in the paint dept at Lowes...can spot such bargains right away!

Here's a shot of the completed floor...
Next up...the garden...

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