The simple & the natural

A little more than a week until Christmas...the decorations are done...the cards have been mailed...the menu is planned...time to enjoy the season...

I wanted to keep things simple and natural this year...using what I had at hand...I focused on my collections and how I could infuse them with a holiday spirit.

My tree this year...a twisted tangle of grapevines wrapped around an inverted tomato cage...decorated with a few lights, a smattering of vintage silver shiny brite balls and my collection of skeleton keys, hung with handmade copper wire hooks.  The wire star on top is from last year's stair banister decoration...

A combination of metal, ironstone and books comprise the table vignette...

Birds are a constant favorite...other animals as well...this vintage mini-deer resides inside a metal trouble light cage...a junk version of a glass cloche...

This book with its missing cover and folded pages displays holiday cards...all of the greenery I used throughout the house I got for free...either clipped from my yard, the neighbor's yard...or picked from the pile of trimmings at Lowe's fresh christmas tree lot.

My amber bottles each display a vintage shiny brite ornament...and though the celestial design is missing its top, it is still my favorite...vintage metal stencils stuck in an old wire brush express the sentiment of the season...

And of course I need to highlight a few of my vintage clocks...letting you know...its time to celebrate!

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  1. Wow! You never cease to amaze, impress, and fascinate me with your work!!! Wow!

  2. OMGoodness...I simply love the way you've decorated. I especially think the idea of the folded pages in the book to hold your cards...is brilliant.

  3. Simply lovely, I love the natural and old together, its all about the natural look for me too {have to have greenery inside during this time} I love your old Christmas balls and the book that holds the cards.
    Wishing you a very Happy Chirstmas!!!

  4. Wow, wherever you turn, such lovely decorations! I love your ingenuity! I love all the little subtle hints of this and that. Love the tomato tree, and that is just about the most clever way to display Christmas cards...ever.

  5. Opps, I forgot to mention I love that display of old suitcases....I mean LOVE!

  6. I love it all! Such fun at every turn. Nice job!

  7. I always like to pop in and out over here to see what new "clever" ideas you have. This is Liz' friend from MT. You always have such interesting and fun ideas with re-puroposed stuff, love it!

    Merry Christmas!

  8. I love all of your wonderful decorations...and the suitcases...girl, I am speechless! What a fabulous collection!

  9. Very sweet ideas. I just did a page folding mixed media class so the book caught my eye in facebook.
    Look forward to more of your great stuff. Happy Holidays!

  10. Love the card holder. So I have an idea of what size book to get: how many pages? what book or what size is it? Would it work if we left the cover on?


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