A view from Down Under

My young friend Anna is in Perth, Australia for the next 5 months - she is there with a small group of students from her university.  She started a blog to record her experiences - since she is studying environmental sciences, lots of her impressions are about the flora and fauna of the area as well as other indigenous features...it is fascinating!  I highly recommend that you check it out - I've learned so much about Australia just in the three weeks she has been there.  And its great to get a perspective from much younger eyes - interesting to see what captures her attention...


  1. Thanks Amy! I'm glad you like my blog!

  2. that is so somewhere I would love to visit one day! Amy, if you wanna be more in contact, friend me on FB http://facebook.com/bonitarose I share lots on there daily, beside my blog! hugs


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worth a look...

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