Sunday musings

its been a tough week here in the states...
     so much conflict, confusion and chaos...
          how can we turn the tide...


  1. Great composition, I love this!!

  2. Those words are timeless and your composition complements them perfectly

  3. Beautiful imagery and words!

  4. It has been a tough week Amy, It's hard to take in and process it all. Instead of moving forward in this nation...it seems like we're sliding backwards. beautiful post.

  5. So sad to think that we have politicians who have been paid to vote against outlawing assault rifles. Nothing will change until our leaders take charge and lead the way on protecting citizens. Discrimination is rampant in this country. It scares me how many people are coming out in support of a political racist. I can not even image a president who is not supportive of all people in this country!

    Thank you Amy for the beauty that you provide in your art and on your blog.

  6. Such a beautiful piece of art and words!


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