a brave little crocus popped in the garden this week...hopeful that it will soon be joined by others...


  1. I just love that you placed the bird in the scissors handle. :-)

  2. So pretty ... I also noticed the bird - so perfect!

  3. What a privilege to see the crocus so soon! Our daffodils will come in their own time. I think if I were to look, it would be way too soon. I'll let them surprise me. Besides, here in southeastern North Carolina, our pansies are entertaining us until the first signs of spring show themselves.

  4. Yay for spring coming and wee birds peeking through scissor handles!

  5. Beautiful, Amy! I love these colors. It's pretty springlike here and some flowers came out already. Last week it was so warm for 2 days that we had a barbecue.


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