Rustic Luxe gift wrapping

Amid all the hustle and bustle of the season, I find one of the most enjoyable activities is gift wrapping...yes, I'm one of those...which shouldn't come as any surprise since I love working with paper...and fabric...and found objects...of course with a bit of metal (wire in this case) thrown in as well...

So I gathered together my supplies and got to work...

As per usual, I like to use what I have at hand...or acquire as inexpensively as possible...here's the round-up...

The Rustic part is the copper wire as well as a few snippets of greenery from the yard...the Luxe part is the vintage buttons, fabric ribbon made from old linen tablecloths and wax paper...yes, waxed paper - there's quite a nice sheen to the paper that gives just the slightest shimmer in the light.  I also added in a roll of paper first aid tape - a poor man's washi substitute - details here about my discovery of this inexpensive tape - and a few sheets of colored tissue paper....both the paper first aid tape and the tissue paper came from the dollar store.

Using an idea from Martha Stewart years ago, I wrapped the first two gifts in colored tissue paper and then wrapped each gift again in a layer of wax paper...mutes the color of the tissue and adds that slight shimmer.  

Then I used a length of thin wire to encircle each gift and embellished the wire with buttons and tiny silver beads. Since the wire is thin, it is easy to manipulate and fashion into whatever designs you want.  I went with plain and simple...

The metal box shown in the picture above was given a little bling with a silver seal topped with two vintage buttons...I punched two small holes in the top of the tin to thread the wire that holds the buttons in place.

I also wrapped up two gifts in a shimmer of white...
white tissue paper on one, waxed paper on the other and then embellished each in its own way...

Copper wire encircling this gift holds a found white feather in place...a strip of paper first aid tape with a message of "peace" stamped in gold adds the final touch...

The second gift is tied up with a length of linen ribbon...old worn and stained linen tablecloths are torn into strips of about 1" wide...the frayed edge of the ribbon giving a nice texture to the monochromatic tones.  The final embellishment is a tiny vase...created from a string of burned out tree lights...I just snapped off the bulbs from the wire string, pulled off the green plastic connector and was left with just the bulb...its made of plastic but still looks glass-like with its faceted edges...I twisted a length of wire around the top, attached it to the top of the gift and added in a few sprigs of color- voilĂ 

Lest you think that I am super organized and have all of my holiday gift giving under wraps...I do not...and in fact, should probably get on that right now....

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  1. wow - wish one of those presents were under my tree and I would not care if the box was empty : ) I think my fav is the one with the feather and first aid tape - brilliant! Merry Christmas Amy - enjoy your wrapping!!!

  2. Wow! These are all beautiful! Great idea using the first aid tape. I love your sensibilities!

  3. I think I shall try that waxed paper. Such great ideas! Thanks.

  4. Amazing and beautiful work, Amy... I love the little "vase"!

  5. So very clever! I'm just lucky if I can get the tape on straight when I wrap presents...long live gift bags!

  6. Great job Amy! Beautiful work!
    I love wrapping gifts almost more than anything.
    I think of the wrapping as a gift too.
    And, if they hate to open it, BINGO!

  7. Your packages look gorgeous, Amy! What a great idea to use a tree light as a vase.

  8. The lucky people who get your beautifully wrapped presents. I wish I cared as much as you do.

  9. Lucky people who would receive gifts wrapped with your love! :-)


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