Rustic Luxe

No sooner than turning the calendar page to November and putting away the goblins and the jack-o-lanterns, do thoughts turn to the holidays ahead...

There is a decidedly cooler chill in the air and the leaves swirling along the sidewalks belie the naked branches above...

I'm all for one to enjoy each day, not wanting to rush ahead...

but I also believe in a little preparation and planning so that whatever holidays you celebrate.... Thanksgiving...Winter Solstice...Hanukkah...or Christmas...can be enjoyed at their time.

I'm starting this series called Rustic Luxe that will highlight simple ideas for the holidays ahead...small touches that can add to whatever you might be enjoying...whether its a big festive gathering or a solitary evening...

Believing in the strengths of opposites, there will be natural elements foraged from your yard combined with glints of gold...

well worn flannel with silken ribbon and rhinestones...

tattered linen and rusty wire with silver beads...

Look for the first post next week...and then randomly throughout the next six weeks...meanwhile, make yourself a cup of tea...relax in your favorite chair...knowing the holidays will arrive in their own time...but this moment is yours to enjoy now.


  1. You're so talented Amy, always a joy to see what you assemble!

  2. so exciting - can't wait to see what you create. and thanks for the gentle reminder...that I need to start on Christmas cards and "stuff". You will be my inspiration!!!

  3. Love your combinations I will certainly look forward to seeing your posts.

  4. Loving this idea!! I've hit a bit of a dry spell when it comes to my still life images...perhaps I'll give this approach a try!!

  5. Can't wait. Love the background under the buckeyes!

  6. I love such contrasts and look forward to seeing your holiday creations, Amy.

  7. Can't wait to see what you come up with Amy, looking forward to this series!

  8. I love contrasts and looking forward to see your new series...

  9. This sounds like a lovely new series, and perfect for you to do.

  10. Love the looks of opposites...can't wait to see more!


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