a life less ordinary

Yesterday I actually got out my real camera...as opposed to my phone...and shot some still photos.  I'm on deadline for a magazine article about holiday gift wrapping (yes, its August, its hot and dry but I'm trying to get in the Christmas spirit as I write this piece due on Monday) and I needed a couple of pictures to complete my tutorial.

I decided to play around a bit after I got the shots I needed...I was reminded this week of a book I own when I saw a shot on Instagram by Barb of Keeping With the Times, where she used the book "A Life Less Ordinary" as a prop...I was inspired...

Its a beautiful book...filled with simple and uncluttered images...and attests to the beauty of friendship between two women...

And it made me think...about my own life...it is a life less ordinary...for the last 15 years, I've been pursuing my ambition to be an artist...and though I am not rolling in the dough, I am rich in other ways...deciding how I spend my time, determining how my energy will be used, discovering a wealth of talents...

And I too have some wonderful friendships that have formed along the way...both within my local community as well as online...others who support what I am doing, offering encouragement along the way, building a network that strengthens all who participate...

One of which is Barb of Keeping With the Times...today I'm linking up to her Instagram post Sunday Sundries...which encourages each of us to celebrate whatever we wish...today I celebrate my life less ordinary...and the friends who are a part of it...


  1. Hmmm...very inspiring! (And what's a real camera? Do they make such things anymore...)

  2. This is so amazing, Amy ... you've inspired me in so many ways ... glad I could return the favour! :)

  3. Lovely, Amy! Hope the article comes together just the way you want!

  4. I enjoy your posts, your art, your thought and YOU!
    We will meet someday. Wendy Lee said so. ;o)

  5. I remember retail life and setting up Christmas trees in September, gosh I don't miss that at all. I am just starting to sort of like Christmas again and it has been four years since I have been away from it. I will definitely never be rich from my art, but I am super happy with what I am doing and I am finally doing it my way and for me. I was thinking last night after Glen and I went to the last of the summer plays we had tickets for, and Glen asked me how much I thought those actors made. I said, I am sure not much, I am sure they are also our summer wait staff in this town. But if they didn't do what they love for the joy of it instead of the money, we wouldn't have these plays to go, and that we enjoy so very much.

  6. Hurrah for you and your choice to live a life less ordinary! What joy you bring to so many (including me) because of that! Thank you for sharing so much of it with us.

  7. I totally agree. I have also met so many wonderful people in the last four years both in person and online. Some of the online friendships have turned into face-to-face friendships that I would never have had without the internet. :-) Thanks for your friendship, I feel fortunate to be able to see you from time to time since we live so close to each other.


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