the slightest provocation

it doesn't take much...as I was rummaging through a stack of papers and ephemera looking for pieces to include in a giant collage I am working on, I spied it...an old library check-out card...

my mind started spinning...putting the card aside, I kept it out of the pile so I could return to it...

and spin the tale that spoke to me...

Having a few days off due to the holiday here in the US has given me hours of time in the workshop studio...which in the middle of winter is too cold to work in, but during the heat wave we are having, it is pure heaven...

Creating new pieces for my next summer show, Fresh Paint, at the Everett Marina, August 15 & 16...

And I must apologize for my tardiness in responding to comments...once again, there's a glitch with Blogger which is sending all my comments to some nether world that I don't have access to...I'm trying to tinker with it, but please bear with me...I do appreciate that you not only stop to read my blog, but that you take the time to comment...thank you!


  1. You are lucky you have so many fun art festivals in your area. Another wonderful collage : )

  2. I love how your creative mind works - such a great collage!

  3. I love coming across old library cards. I remember the days of card catalogs, stamped library cards. Some how the computer self check out just isn't the same.

  4. I just like how you have the best eye for arranging the simplest.

  5. Amy, I'm having so much fun following you in Instagram, I almost forgot to pop over to you blog. I thought I'd already signed up for your posts, but I'll do it today! Love that you go where the inspiration leads you. Your ability to combine seemingly disparate items into a collage is a gift! Love the library card spark - the library is one of my favorite places - always!

  6. This really speaks to me....beautiful!


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