the first signs

edited with kk texture scripted edges

It begins with the sprouts of green among the dead leaves and withered grass from last fall...and then those first pops of color...little beads of purple...the grape hyacinths are blooming...

and then the light of day changes...it becomes brighter...and lingers longer...

The assignment for this week's bestill52 class was to capture this lightness...using elements of white and glass...my collection of small glass bottles put to perfect use, complemented by a swath of white linen and lovely afternoon light...

both photos edited with kk texture hughes

This spring awakening inspired me to clear out the dust and the cobwebs and 
to brighten the dark corners of the house...
edited with kk texture rainyday

hope and dream...the promise of spring...

joining the group over at kim klassen's Texture Tuesday...


  1. Love your light and airy photos! And do you really have hyacinth already? I haven't seen any but I'm going to go look as soon as it stops raining. I've yet to do this assignment and I'm so eager to because I love light and airy but grey and rainy doesn't provide the best light for that. Trying to wait patiently for it to brighten up.

  2. Amy, Love your third picture with the glass bottles cascading across the frame and the little pop of color from the grape hyacinth. And your brightened corner looks like a little treasure chest of spring - the combination of red and turquoise is always a favorite of mine. As much as I tend toward the organic and earthy colors, I find myself craving color as spring approaches. Such lovely work here!

  3. Love your light and airy photos, I'm still waiting for the grape hyacinth to bloom here in NC ..!

  4. Love your collection of bottles.

  5. I especially like the last image - a pop of color for spring. The vignette feels like spring! I miss the change of seasons living here in Singapore...but there is something nice about warm 24 x 7 : )

  6. The purple and green just pops against the white...how lovely, Amy!

  7. Love the back light in your second image. It shows off the grape hyacinth so beautifully.

  8. The vintage bottles and grape hyacinth look so lovely, especially in the second image with what appears to be back light.

  9. Wonderful. Especially like the one with the grouping of bottles going diagonally across the image and the one flower and leaf stem.

  10. Still all gray and gloomy here but at least the snow has melted away. I'm so looking forward to Spring!! Beautiful images...so spring like!!

  11. So lovely! Do you have any tricks for cleaning old bottles?


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