Liberate your Art!

This is the first year that I am participating in the international postcard swap called "Liberate Your Art".  Created and coordinated by artist Kat Sloma, it's an opportunity to get your art out in the world and in return, get original art mailed back to you.

In Kat's own words, here's the idea behind it-
  • To encourage artists to learn how to reproduce their artwork. Many people create original work, but don't take the next step to reproduce their work to share. I would like you to learn how easy it is to create the postcards if you haven't done this before.
  • To encourage connection between artists of different mediums from around the world.  Regardless of the medium we create in, we are all artists! I believe we have more inspiration for creation as we explore diversity in art and culture. Personal connections between artists enhance our art.
  • To encourage sharing of art with others. If you love to create but have a fear of sharing your work, this is a safe way to start. You can get your work out there in the swap, even without your name attached. Sometimes taking that little step is enough to push past long-held fears!
  • To give you some fun, happy mail! There is nothing better than visiting the letter box to find some wonderful piece of mail, is there? For a few weeks, you will receive pieces of art and encouragement from your fellow swap participants in the mail. It's just plain fun!

Last Friday I got my postcards rounded up and mailed out to Kat...I even embellished the envelope with a little creative touch...

It's not too late to join in if you are interested...the deadline to get your art postcards to Kat is March 14...
get all the details on participating here...

Because really...don't you just love getting real mail...so much better than bills!


  1. Ooh....I hope I get one of your cards. They look amazing

  2. Thanks for sharing Amy - I registered and was working on mine this morning : ) Need to get a post up and get them in the mail!!!

  3. I did this last year. Let me know how it goes as I can not participate this year. :-)

  4. I did this last year and was really bummed that only one person even acknowledged me. So I'm dragging my feet this year. Thanks for the reminder. Hope you have a great 1st experience. Xo

  5. Oh that looks really cool. What an inspirational way to get the art out of the house (or computer) and on to others. Thanks for sharing the link!
    Big hugs


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