Zen poetry

I'm in the throes of prepping for my upcoming art show, Fresh Paint...but thought I would show you a little diversion I had a couple of weeks ago...

Since my paint can lid message board in my workshop studio is such a popular re-pin on Pinterest, I thought I would make some smaller versions...

I still had leftover lumber...and plenty of paint can lids...and a supply of magnetic words...

So what does that get you...Zen Poetry Boards!

The overall picture makes it hard to read the words...so here's two up-close versions...

I'll have twelve of these for sale at my booth...along with lots of new art work...will show more peeks as the show approaches...mark it on your calendar...
August 16-17, Everett Marina...


  1. Love them all!
    Prediction: they will fly out of your booth!
    Lucky recipients!

  2. I love everything about these… how they look, that they make beauty out of trash… that you added wonderful words…. basically brilliant!

  3. They look great, Amy. I especially love the ones mounted to the wood panels. You bet, I'll never throw away a paint can lid anymore.

  4. These smaller ones will be grabbed up quickly I'm sure, Amy!

  5. This is such a cool idea and I just love how it looks!

  6. Once again you've taken something I would just throw away and turned it into very cool pieces!! Always amazing Amy Duncan!


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