Now we are home

The Southern Man and I have returned from our sojourn to the South...
and now that I have my computer fixed and running, I am back to blogging...

The opening photo, taken from my kitchen window, really sums up the essence of our trip...we left to visit family and explore alternative places to live...there's been a nagging idea that perhaps it was time to move...

It was a productive trip...fun at times...trying at others...but all in all...we came back with a firm decision...
to stay right where we are.

We visited quite a few possible cities and towns...and looked at real estate...walked through neighborhoods...
read the local papers...talked to folks in the community...

But there just didn't seem to be that one place that inspired us enough to move 3,000 miles just for the sake of change.

To catalog this adventure, I took a blank journal with me...along with a small package of art supplies...I've never been one to keep an art journal...but thought I might start. So in between the directions to locations, receipts for expenses and jottings of phone numbers and addresses, I decided that I would create mini collages using only the scrap paper/detritus/junk pieces that we came across each day.  I also had my smartphone with me...and used its camera constantly to capture moments and moods. Combining my photographic images with my junk paper collages provided me with a creative outlet...and really began to reflect the progress of our journey...

I found inspiration everywhere...from the tiled floor of the diner where we ate lunch in Athens, Georgia, to the antique shops in Atlanta and Richmond, to the quiet country lanes of Scottsville, Virginia, to the beaches and endless skies of western Florida...

It was a long journey...but a good journey...and now we are home...at last...

p.s. - as for the broken computer...after more than one expert told me to buy a new computer...Gerrit at Office Depot performed a miracle and fixed it...he could have easily sold me a new computer...but instead was my saint...still have some work to do in restoring saved files...but dodged a bullet for the time being...

Joining the group over at Kim Klassen's Friday Finds...where my find is - there is no place like home...


  1. Totally wonderful travel inspired collages. I love them all but am captivated by the "straight line" one. Fantastic!

  2. Beautiful collages that reflect the mood of each day. I'm glad you're staying put, It's hard to compete with the Northwest, and besides, it would be difficult to move all your treasures. Plus your new studio...no, you need to stay. Have a great weekend!

  3. I am so happy that y'all decided to stay in Washington, too. Yes, it's very far away from here, but it just seems that you guys are in the right place. So I love the T.S. Eliot quote!! Congrats, you two!

  4. Love those collages, Amy! As for moving, there's no place like home, i.e. staying where you are. Unless you absolutely need to move for one reason or another, all you do is exchange one set of problems for another set. The grass is never really greener somewhere else. So glad you're staying on the west coast!

  5. What a great post, Amy!
    So glad to have you back as you have such a talent with images and emotions.
    I love them all, each one, but the shadows spoke to me.
    Welcome home!

  6. Beautifully written, and your journey sounds like it was rewarding in many ways! I'm loving that screen door image in the bottom collage!! Beautiful light! Welcome home!

  7. So you decided to stay- well as they say if it ain't broke don't fix it ... Unlike your computer :) which was good to be able to fix and keep out of landfill. Love your collages - they would make a beautiful book - adiandbert 🌾

  8. I agree ... there is no place like home. It sounds like you had a wonderful journey ... but I bet it feels so good to be back. Enjoy your weekend home again.

  9. my husband and i just got back from the 'south' also (we were in south texas) and i too took a journal, with high hopes of journal-ing everyday . . . it didn't happen.
    i love what you have done. great job.
    but in the end, it's really good to be home.

  10. Hi Amy, I had thought of you while you were gone and was wondering if you found a place you would like to move to. Sometimes you find the things you're searching for right in front of you but you have to step back to discover them. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Your collages are so beautiful.
    It's wonderful that you finally found a guy who repaired your computer instead of selling you a new one.
    Have a great weekend, Amy!

  11. What a wonderful journey and I love how you captured it in your small collages. I wish I was this disciplined when I travel. And I was hoping you would move to the east coast so that when I return to the US I could come and play in your studio : ) I'll just have to be inspired from afar.

  12. Welcome home! It sounds like you had a great adventure and I loved watching it on Instagram. Sometimes there is no place like home, you will know when it is the right time to move, if there is one.

  13. Amy, I'll admit to a little sadness that you won't be relocating to the South - all selfish - as I would love to create in your circle of friends. But, your decision is so wise, and I'm glad you had the adventure of visiting so many Southern cities and towns. Your art will be richer for your travels. Your rural still life picture is my favorite.


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