A glimpse of the past

During winter, the number of estate/yard/garage sales dwindles...so when an especially enticing entry was spotted in the local paper (lived in house for over 60 years, everything must go, etc, etc, etc) I just couldn't pass it up...

Even though I am on a self-imposed junk moratorium (trying to use what I already have before acquiring more...) 
you never know what you might find...I waited until the second day of the sale so I wouldn't be fighting any crowds...and I love looking through the detritus that remains rather than the finer items.

Part of the appeal of frequenting estate sales is not so much to buy...but to observe...a glimpse into a person's life...how they lived, what were their interests, where did they travel, who was in their family...this particular sale was in the "good" part of town...fancy homes, up on the bluff, with a view of the water...the deceased was a prominent attorney.  Aside from the law books, there was an interesting collection of nautical maps...and many fruit crates...a large assortment of tools, neatly arranged along the back panel of a sturdy work bench which looked like the owner crafted himself.

I didn't buy much...old sheet music and two sets of stencils...but my most interesting finds were in the recycled paper bins at the curb...waiting for pick-up...heaps of old law forms...most of them blank...with their yellowing edges and elegant black face fonts...free for the taking; perfect fodder for collage backgrounds.  There was a box of old pencils and pens...I dug out a rusty pair of scissors.

The appeal of working with old and well-loved items is the story they can tell...once I get my treasures home, I look them over...and listen if they have any stories to tell...and then I get my camera...

and do a little photo editing...

More and more, I've been finding myself drawn to documenting what I hear...
its been influencing my art work of late...and was the impetus for this latest creation...
"eye witness"

and the motivation behind this collage I just completed...

will this weekend yield any treasures?   still too early to tell...


  1. Very nice! And, what a score in the recycle bins! I'm craving an estate sale. I've been to very few in the last couple of years.

  2. Cool! We need to always listen and honor the stories that these "treasures" whisper to us!

  3. Fabulous finds...wonderful collages. Would love to find a haul like that where I am!

  4. I love your collages, Amy! Sounds like some great "free" boxes...and stencils are always a great find! Fun!

  5. Love your finds and what they created.

  6. The collage is really nice, I love the colours you picked for it. I have to tell you I have never been to a estate sale, but it sounds interesting and kind of morbid at the same time. But what a fascinating way to carry on someones legend and history. The bins by the roadside looked like a true treasure find.

    1. let me tell you, once you go to an estate sale, you'll be hooked! I do find it very interesting and not at all morbid since I feel that I'm giving a new life to their items...

  7. That estate sale would have been right along my alley too, Amy. You found some great things and your digital collages are fabulous.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. You find the best "stuff" and then you turn it into wonderful creations!

    1. Christie - believe me, I go to a lot of sales from which I leave empty handed!

  9. Love your collage, takes vision to see beauty in the ordinary and everyday items.


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