The Lady of the forest

Every year I try to think up a new idea for our "christmas tree"...

I use the broadest definition for this term "christmas tree"...I want something that will be center of attention for the holiday
decorations... something out of the ordinary...a little out of this world...

While trolling my favorite blogs a while back, I came across this idea from pentimento...
I knew then that I had a plan...

I introduce to you, The Lady of the forest...

A swath of tulle wraps her body and forms a small bustle in the back... a garland of pine boughs, white lights and rusty chain encircle her form, while a finishing touch of silver glass ornaments hang from her hemline...

A pendant of vintage clock faces demonstrates that she is timeless...

while a nesting bird is the crowning touch...

She is the epitome of nature, art and junk at its finest...she is the highlight of our holiday d├ęcor...

and a dream to behold...

joining the holiday junk party at Funky Junk Interiors...so inspiring...


  1. Beautiful and so impressive! Love it.

  2. what a compliment to know how much you enjoyed my "tree". yours is beautiful!! i think that we will improve on this idea over and over again. Happy holidays.

  3. I love the ornaments dangling off her "skirt" -- almost like a 20s flapper dress. When I look at her clock breastplate I'm afraid I don't see "timeless" -- I see "only a few more days to get all those holiday errands done." But that's me.

  4. This is just wonderful and completely brilliant! So delicate and sparkly!

  5. Amy! You have the best junk EVER!
    Merriest of Holidays to you & yours,

    1. Michelle - I think you probably rival me with the best junk! And hoping that you have a most wonderful holiday as well

  6. Hi Amy, I am running a tad behind and so just read your last three posts and I am crazy over your idea of using book ends as art displays. Adore your keeping it simple and Lady of the forest I love your creativity and thank you for sharing this with us this past year. Merry Christmas and may 2014 be a year full of wonder filled surprises. Blessings and smiles, Emilou :-)

    1. Emilou - thank you for always visiting and leaving such encouraging comments - I'm glad that you find it worth your time to stop by...its all about sharing the creative spirit all of us have...Merry Christmas to you!

  7. She's a gorgeous Christmas tree, Amy! I love everything about her.
    Hopefully you feel better in the meanwhile and can enjoy the weekend.

  8. Oh, that's really creative and cool! Love it!

  9. This is so creative--I love it, and now must find a wire dress form! Love the way you decorate. I did an alternative tree, too--it just makes me happy, and it's usually a conversation starter when we have friends over for the holidays. Happy holidays to you!


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