Simple joy

We're taking a low key approach to Christmas this year...not only because the holidays can quickly slip into hypergear before you know it...but also because I am under the weather so am moving at a slower pace...

But I just read a comment on facebook from a neighbor that the local school is looking for donations for their gift bank...a program they have where kids can pick out gifts for family members for free...and they are asking for donations because someone stole the original donated gifts...really? I know I shouldn't be surprised but I am...

I just did an art show...it was successful...I'm taking the leftovers up to the school today...because everyone should have a little something under the tree...because everyone likes to give...its a good feeling...pass it on...


  1. I hope you're feeling better, Amy.

  2. The gift bank is a lovely idea! Hope you are feeling better soon, Amy!

  3. Get well soon, Amy! It's very sad that even such things get stolen and you're very sweet to donate some new gifts.

  4. Please take care of yourself and get well soon. How lovely to share your creations in such a thoughtful way.


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