Simple pleasures

"My greatest skill in life has been to want but little"
              Henry David Thoreau | Walden

I've just returned from a summer vacation in Wisconsin...and have spent the last day getting back into the home routine...most of my visit was spent with family, but of course, there was time for junking...

We visited one of the largest flea markets in the area...and though there was much to tempt me,
these are the few prized possessions that I brought home...

The watch parts and knobs will find their way into art collages...the hotel silver pitcher will likely organize nails/pins/screws on my work table...though its dented, it was only $2...and the mark on the bottom was what cinched the sale..."Morris Hospital Supply Co Inc.  N.Y.C."

But the best find (and big ticket item at $5!) is this letter/number stamp.  I've seen plenty of these old rotating stamps with numbers...but never with letters...with which one can spell out a variety of possibilities...

Sharing my treasures over at Kim Klassen's Friday Finds...
a weekly feature that celebrates the simple pleasures of life...


  1. That stamp is VERY cool, Amy! Wish I had one even though we can do so much with computers these days. The old tactile ways need to be preserved.

    1. thanks Lissa - I agree about preserving the old ways...the look is so much more authentic!

  2. Woo hoooooooo that is one cool stamp! I'm sure you'll enjoy working with it, Amy.

  3. Great loot, Amy! I'm sure you'll produce treasures from all the bits. And the stamp is a real find.

  4. That was a great find Amy. I have one but pretty sure it doesn't have letters and the rubber is BRITTLE!

  5. Oh boy, something else to look for when I'm junking! What a great find! Perfect for you and your creations!

  6. W*O*N*D*E*R*F*U*L finds and your photo of them is beautiful! Especially like the stamp.

  7. Hope you had a wonderful vacation! You found some great stuff, I love the old rubber stamp too!


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