oh so blue...

My garden is awash with pops of blue...the grape hyacinths are in full bloom...so even though we are back to gray and cold...those blue blooms are a reminder that it will only get warmer...

Clipping a few buds to bring inside...I have quite a collection of silverplated salt and pepper shakers...
you often find just one at a yard sale...having lost its mate ages ago...the details can be so intricate...

These shakers are perfect for small stems...some of them fit through the holes of the shaker, helping to keep the stems upright...taking the top off of another shaker gives plenty of room for blooms...a miniature vase...
fits on my kitchen window sill...a beautiful reminder...of all yet to come...



  1. Beautiful!
    Thank you for the tip

    I didn't think to use salt shakers as vases.

  2. Nicely done! Just love your still life images!!!

  3. Beautiful pictures. I love grape hyacinths too. Such an pure blue like the summer skies. What a great way to use the old shakers.

  4. What a great idea! Love the images.

  5. Soooo pretty Amy! (And, our new Dollar General still doesn't have paper tape stocked but I think there is a space for it.)

  6. so pretty!
    I love the little vessels - so beautifully photographed!

  7. Morning Amy, beautiful photos and so finely put. Thanks for sharing. Blessings and smiles. Emilou :-) P.S. A mourning dove just lit in my little crabapple tree.

  8. Emilou - thank you...and how sweet that a mourning dove sits in your tree - hoping she is a frequent visitor!

  9. Great idea...those salt shakers. Beautiful pix.


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