in due time...

The daffodils that I neglected last year and recently discovered blooming in my garden...are now wilted and faded...I'll throw them back into the far corner of the yard and wait until next March to see if they resurrect...
edited with kk texture 2203, multiply 40% opacity; second layer of color burn at 40% opacity

Linking up to kim klassen's Texture Tuesday...as well as with my Beyond Beyond creative group...this was to be an photoshop exercise in manipulating type along a path...never could get my path to go in the right direction...
so I tweaked the exercise...now isn't that a metaphor for life...


  1. Great image! That's what we do every year...toss them into the woods behind us. Some come up...others don't. Seems to be the way of the world...

  2. You may as well, nice comp.

  3. Lovely - for both projects.

  4. Beautiful texture work, Amy,
    and lovely type on path, well done !
    Nice week,

  5. I love this original take on the flower prompt!

  6. Good golly, mine are just starting to peak out of the ground! If you separate the clumps, they will do you proud next Spring.

  7. Beautiful image and quote. We are having a very late spring. My daffies are only 3 inches high, they are normally in bloom by now.

  8. Yes in due time that's for sure....Spring is starting to show up here in Montana, at least the birds are returning.

    Clever ideas over here...just wanted to pop in and say Hi Amy!!


  9. The daffodils are in full bloom on Vancouver Island. Oh thank goodness for spring, glorious spring!

  10. This is gorgeous! ♥ Clever and creative. Something different!
    I’ve started a new meme for flowers in my blog: http://monaspicturesque.blogspot.fi/2013/03/floral-love-good-friday.html
    Come and share your flowers if you have time!
    Happy Easter!


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