I have a thing...about string

Yes...I have a thing about string...I don't know what it is...
the  texture of the fiber...the symmetry of the wrapped roll...the practicality of its use...

My friend Sue gave me this black and white string as part of my christmas present...it was in "the box" that we pass back and forth each year, filled with special delights for the recipient...as I opened the box, I appreciated the french hand creme and the charming hedgehog eraser...but I swooned over the string...onlookers thought I was nuts...but Sue knew...a sign of a true friend!

There is something so simple...so sublime about it...and since I abhor using a glue gun, most of the found objects that I incorporate into my vintage collages are either screwed into the collage base...or tied on in some manner...often with string...so I need a variety of choices...one needs options...

The prompt for Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday was "pop of color"...I knew that the amaryllis Sue gave me for christmas would bloom soon...
edited with kk texture minus45, soft light at 48% opacity

(an aside...I am not a plant person...Sue told me when she gave the pot to me not to water it...so I didn't...what she meant was not to water it immediately since the soil was plenty moist when she gave it to me...when I mentioned to her that the shoot had only grown an inch or two in the weeks since, she asked if I had watered it...oh...that made a difference...now I have a beautiful red flower for valentine's day...)

The ball of red string is my other "pop of color"...a small remainder of vintage postal twine...I'm hording it...
edited with kk texture minus45 overlay at 50% opacity


  1. Hi Amy, I had to laugh as I read your post, as here I am sitting at home with crochet thread on each side of me, deciding which one will be appropiate for my current project. I love the way it is layered around and around and around. My Dad, who went through the depression, saved every tiny piece of string that came in the house. I can still remember the way he would use string on a small box to be sent through the mail. A wonderful memory for me. Thank you!!

    1. I have been accused by others of having a second life in which I've been born in the 1930's since I too save every little scrap to re-use in some manner...

  2. I am a string lover, too...I love to use it, and love to just look at it!

  3. I love the story of the watering (or non-watering!) of the amaryllis! I also like the fact that you don't like glue so rely on other methods for anchoring your bits to your art. String would add wonderful texture.

  4. I believe I love string too...it's the texture and the subtle colors...wow, I learned something new about myself.

    1. another string lover - yeah! I think we should start a club...

  5. I think it must be a form and function thing, those cones or spools that have a specific design, yet are so completely useful. I too love stings, old saved ribbons, etc. I sometimes find it difficult to use a favorite ribbon on a package, lest I never see it again.

  6. I have the string thing too...sigh. I found you yesterday in a magazine I received for Christmas! One of the Somerset ones, maybe you blogged about it before but I had forgotten. I know her, I thought!

  7. Such a basic beauty in string, especially when spooled. Your photos capture this so well.

  8. Hi All,

    I'm looking for twisted black and white string, like the one above, to create a string & button closure. Does anyone know where you can purchase it?

    Thanks for any advice you have!


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