One word among many

I've been cogitating on my word for the year...its a popular activity among creative types...I did it last year, choosing the word, begin, and liked that I had a touchstone to return to throughout the year...

This time, I'm having a difficult time coming up with the one word that describes what I want to express...
there are so many words...but I can't seem to find the right one...

I decided that I wanted to spend the year getting to the heart of what my art is...initially I thought of distill...
and then it was enhance
then hone
I wanted to focus on what was important...to spend my time, my energy and my resources most effectively (can you tell that I was an Econ major...can never get away from that cost/benefit analysis!)

So I considered scrutinize, examine and purge (all a little too harsh)
       as well as heed, extract, quintessence, essential, integral and fundamental...

Why isn't there a reverse dictionary...where you put in the definition and it gives you the word?

I want to spend the next twelve months getting to the heart of my art...whether it be multi-media...or photography... or design...

so the word I have settled on is essence...

Other artists I know have chosen balance, continue and explore...what about you?


  1. What a great word! Love it!

  2. Ohhhh, now you've given me something to really think about. I love this idea and I love words. I will be contemplating the many choices. I'll let you know.

  3. Love it, Amy! For me this year my word is "Learn"...I want to hone and develop new skills...

  4. thanks amy, this is a very good exercise for a new year.
    i want to make good art. i want to teach others to make good art. and i want to surround myself with people who make, appreciate and support good art . . . is there a word for that?
    happy new year amy let's make it a great one.

  5. Amy - I'm sending you good juju that 2013 is a year of discovering the essence of your creative soul. I haven't gone through the actual process of finding a word like this, but a word does keep popping up in my head over and over since the start of the New Year... DO. So, I have a feeling it might be my word without me even knowing it. Michael

  6. Just wanted to say THANKS for the beautiful cards you sent me from your stash:) Such a nice surprise to find them in my snail mail! Sincerely, Cheryl (vintageserenity@gmail.com)

  7. Great word Amy. My word for 2013 is 'TRUST', I need to do this on many levels...
    wishing you a wonderful, creative 2013 x

  8. i like your word...mine is more of a sentiment. we can all do for one, what we wish we could do for the whole world. so, maybe i could add the word "determined" to this new year.

  9. Good choice, Amy. I chose a word, but can't remember it now.....mustn't have been the right word I guess! ha ha!

  10. Wonderful choice. I chose not to choose a word of the year this year but if I were to choose a word it would be "examine" - to investigate thoroughly any creative process that my heart desired artfully speaking, on a personal level it would mean to inspect or carefully scrutinize time management, what I am allowing into my life and what needs to be changed or removed in order to maintain a sense of balance. But I am not doing the word thing :)

    Have a great week!

  11. So much fun to see your blog and wonderful art....can't wait to meet you in Portland in October!


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