Perfectly imperfect

Monday's assignment for my Beyond Layers class focused on the Celebration of Growth...to look at where one started in January and to gauge progress now that it is October...to review the creative journey each of us has undertaken...

For some reason, this thought resonated with me...I have learned a lot from this class...
...I am no longer intimidated by Photoshop...and though I am far from proficient, I feel comfortable with basic editing...the repetition of excercises from week to week reinforced my confidence
...I am developing my own photographic style which I feel is a true representation of my artistic spirit
...I have met some incredible artists, all living with different life struggles, in different parts of the world, but using their camera to help tell their story
...A large whiteboard is the perfect backdrop when shooting a still life to block out the background and bounce light into the picture
...Taking the camera off of Autofocus can be a good thing

Probably the most interesting thing I have learned is how texture can help tell a story...for years I had admired Kim Klassen's work with texture editing of photographs but never felt that it was my style.  With this class, I understood how the variations of light/color/opacity/layers can enhance a photo and tell a story more complete and complex than just an untouched shot...its not that I use texture on every photo I take, but sometimes it can convey a special meaning...
kk texture autumnBurst, one layer darken at 12%, one layer overlay at 40%, bondoni font

I created this vignette to express my celebration of growth...not just in this class...but in my own creative journey...I have a birthday next week and I'm rounding out the backside of 50...and though I have my share of worn edges and aged exterior, it is texture in the form of experience, layered through the years that enhance my life story...it makes me more complete and complex...perfectly imperfect...and eager to learn what lies ahead...

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  1. Beautiful! Nothing more to say....

  2. I really do think you are developing your own photographic style which reflects your collage art beautifully. I always enjoy both. And the tip about the whiteboard. I can hardly type fast enough, I want to run right out and buy one for myself. Thanks for sharing the idea!

  3. simply wonderful vignette!!

  4. Nice, wonderful aged things infused with a little texture. xox

  5. Lovely, April. I don't think I'll ever develop a "style". I seem to always be all over the place. :)

  6. Happy Birthday!! Very interesting still life -- the textures are wonderful. Makes me want to reach out and touch.....

  7. Very touching! I love your image (you and the photo!)

  8. oh my... this post really touches my heart..... so eloquently shared.....and your vignette takes my breath away....

    happy birthday lovely lady... xo, Kim

  9. it is indeed amazing to note the path we travelled coming Here, Now. I love how you tell us your story inside this lovely photograph. I always learn from wandering through everyone's posts, yet here I was encouraged to look inside and see myself. to let myself SEE where I've come through and from to Here, Now.

    I wish you the happiest of birthdays. next one for me is 60 and y'know, I haven't been so excited about a birthday year since I was about 7... how fun it is to grow up older than when I perhaps should have been ;~D so much more to appreciate from here, perhaps...

  10. I love your metaphor - both the visual and the verbal one. There are the worn & rough edges but it's the texture that really presents us to the world. I have always been drawn to textures, but now I'll appreciate them on a deeper level. Thanks for sharing your work.


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