"Time" to celebrate

Given my fascination with vintage clocks, I just had to design some clock ornaments this holiday season.  I gathered up several of my vintage clockfaces and scanned them with my printer/scanner.
I cut & pasted, rearranged & resized until I was satisfied with the layout.  I printed my layout onto a sheet of iron-on transfer paper - I've been using the Art-Wear transfer sheets from June Taylor, Inc.  I then cut out each individual clockface.
Following the directions for application, I ironed the transfer onto my fabric.  I decided to use fabric stretched across small embroidery hoop frames - some metal, others painted "graphite" with Valspar spray paint- as the foundation for my ornaments.  Before I ironed, I embellished some faces with rubber stamp images and distressed others with leftover coffee.
Once the transfer was complete, I stretched the fabric in the frame, clipped the excess fabric close to the edge on the back of the embroidery hoop and added a bead of glue all around the edge to prohibit fraying.  I added some flourish to each ornament by stitching clock hands, watch gears and beads onto the front of the ornament.  A backing of patterned wallpaper (to hide the stitching) and a combination of ribbons for hanging made my ornaments complete.
If you would like to create your own clock ornaments (or any other brilliant idea!), here is a copy of my sheet of clockfaces - best to click on picture to get a larger image for printing.  Enjoy!

worth a look...

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