The need for power

gift bag made from vintage wallpaper
with paint chip tag

I have a birthday coming up so I bought myself a birthday present...
was it a kate spade bag? 
a pair of jimmy choo shoes? 
a trip to Paris? 
(no, no and god I wish it was, but no.) 
It was a new battery for my cordless power tool set!

Why all the excitement - well, let me tell you...  A number of years ago I was frustrated with the large-size circular saw we had - it was so big and clumsy when all I wanted to do was cut a piece of lumber in half.  So I went out and I bought this great six piece Black & Decker power tool kit - one rechargeable cordless base with six interchangeable heads - circular saw, jigsaw, drill, router, mouse sander and flashlight.  The best part was that it was a compact, lightweight tool - easy to hold and comfortable for my smaller hands.  Now granted this is not a tool you would use to build a house but for art and decor projects, it was perfect.
Over the years, I burned out the drill - and found that a corded drill really gave me more of the power that I needed.  And I got an electric sander for more than just incidental sanding.  But the circular saw and jigsaw were ideal for my needs.  About 6 months ago, there just didn't seem like there was enough juice to sufficiently power the saw attachments.  I found out that rechargeable batteries only have so much life to them and obviously I had reached the limit.  I thought perhaps I would upgrade and get another power tool set because surely in 10 years there have been improvements...boy was I wrong!
Not only did I not find any other "small-sized" power tools, the Black & Decker set that I originally bought is no longer available.  Now I thought that "the powers that be" had realized that women are increasingly using (and enjoying) power tools - not yet to the extent of men but making big inroads (evidenced by the popularity of Amy Matthews.)  Guess I was wrong.
So I searched and I researched and I hemmed and I hawed and finally found a battery that is compatible with my B & D tool set.  It arrived today (from Amazon - what don't they have?!) And now I can get back to finishing up projects for the Everett Home & Gift Show.
battery getting charged up...
hurry, hurry, hurry!

I hope to have everything done in time for the show - all the details are at my other blog, collage duos --including a link to get free admission tickets.  Check it out!

worth a look...

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