An Earth Day message for Artists

I recently checked out
this book,
The Green Guide for Artists
by Karen Michel,
from my public library.
an aside - I love the public library!  No matter what town I am living in, I locate the public library as soon as possible and get my library card.  There is a wealth of information there - free for the taking - and just wandering around the stacks exposes me to books/authors/ideas that I might not experience any other way.  I love the Main Library in Everett and commend the staff for all they do.  And what could be more eco-friendly than a library - a community sharing resources for the benefit of all!

As Karen notes on her blog:
The Green Guide for Artists will inspire artists of all types to make better eco-concious choices within their work and studios. Informative and fun, this unique book is perfect for seasoned and beginning artists, teachers and anyone looking to make a difference through their creative life.

★ DIY recipes for mixing a variety of your own non-toxic paints, mediums and adhesives
★ Tips on keeping a green studio or workspace and using safe and eco-friendly work practices
★ Fresh Ideas for using recycled materials through creative step by step projects
★ A gallery featuring exciting contemporary artists whose work and methods reflect a green sensibility
★ A handy resource guide for eco-friendly materials, information and communities

Granted, I already embrace the green concept of using recycled materials in my work - but I don't give enough thought to the supplies I use - the paint, the glue, the finishes.  This book has given me pause...and on this 40th anniversary of Earth Day 2010, I hope you will join me in thinking about not only what we create, but how we create. 
Happy Earth Day!

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