About four corners design

Me & my "obsession"
with vintage suitcases...
where else are you going to store
stuff in a 1902 house with
only 2 closets!
After 20 years in non-profit management, a change of gears was in order.  Fueled by a lifelong love of textiles and frustrated by this age of throw-away consumerism, I began four corners design in 1999, fabricating personal objects using wastepaper cast-offs as one of its main components.  Harking back to my early environmental education, combined with my artistic eye, I have the ability to see form and function in unique ways - I am constantly amazed at what people throw away!
Mixing together found odds and ends usually relegated to the waste bin with simple graphic images, I create original multi-media collages.  Brown paper bags, used envelopes, receipts and letters, leftover wallpaper and even the daily New York Times are all elements I use in my design of these distinctive items.  Old book pages, scraps of dated maps, fabric remnants and magazine ads are additional components that are layered to create a collage with a story.   Different natural elements such as pressed leaves, flower petals or plant seeds can also be added, highlighting a creative composition.  An obsession with things that are old, rusty & dilapidated and then uncovering a new life in their hidden beauty is the final layer in these mixed media collages adding a 3-dimensional element to each creation.

I was one of the founding partners of The Salvage Studio, an art/retail studio in Edmonds, WA that was open from 2006-2009.  The focus of the studio was to take all that "stuff" that people toss and turn it into useful/clever/unique home and garden decor.  My book, The Salvage Studio, Sustainable Home Comforts to Organize, Entertain, and Inspire, written with my two other Salvage Studio partners, provides inspiration and instruction for 35 projects to create a warm & comfortable home.  It is available for sale at amazon.com - see the link on the right sidebar of this page.

My fascination with time-worn elements, often arranged in thought provoking vignettes, surrounds me in my studio and throughout my renovated 1902 Victorian home whom I share with my trusted confidants The Southern Man and our golden retriever, Calvin.

worth a look...

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