I've been working on collages for summer art shows...
and in keeping with my word(s) for the year, dig deep, I am doing just that...

I've dug out a few past collages that somehow didn't work...
and taking them apart...removing some elements, tearing apart others, cutting portions out...

and then combining the elements back together, strengthening the composition, adding in new objects, layering on paint or transfers...

This piece originally started out much larger with a long vertical orientation...I cut it apart and turned one of the cut paper portions on its side...other torn pieces were discarded or sanded down...

I've had the typewriter key image for a while...it was an transfer process on metal that went awry...forgot to flip the image before printing...but it was still compelling so I held onto it...and for good reason...

I thought I was finished with the collage but something seemed to be missing...the theme of the piece is "all in the day's work of a bird"

a feather tied on with jute twine was the last serendipitous touch...

Reconstruction has been happening on other fronts too...with all the changes in social media, I've been thinking about the best creative outlet for me...re-examining what works and what doesn't...maybe you've noticed that blog posts have diminished...when I started blogging five years ago, this was the only mechanism for sharing one's inspired thoughts and ideas...though I love this format for more in-depth topics, it is not my sole platform any more...so my schedule for blog posts is going to change from 2-3 per week to 2-3 per month...but if you want a daily hit of four corners design, please hop over to Instagram...my user name is fourcornersdesign...its quick, its on the go, its a photo with a tagline...a little hit of eye candy each day...

and if you want to see my collage work up close and personal...please visit me at my upcoming show - 
Shoreline Arts Festival, June 27-28...I'll be in the Artist Marketplace...get all the details on the event here


  1. It's a lovely redo, though I'm sure the first go at it was lovely too. I especially like the reversed reverse image - that was wise to hang on to it :)

  2. It's a lovely redo, though I'm sure the first go at it was lovely too. I especially like the reversed reverse image - that was wise to hang on to it :)

  3. I love when you share your thought process on how you create. And this was really fun to see how you used the old piece to create a fantastic new piece. I am sad that you will be posting less, I don't do Instagram.

  4. I just love it! I will miss your more frequent posts...hope I can figure out Instagram so I can visit.

  5. Yep...I do like this. Especially the feather...nice touch! I've stopped blogging as much myself as of late...still trying to decide if this is where I want to be...

  6. Funny that you were cutting up old works to make new. I did that Sunday after finding huge sheets of painted paper that I did not like as a whole but love in smaller pieces. See you soon at the Schack and I will bring the suitcase.

  7. I always love your art Amy. Love coming to visit.

  8. Amy, I love how you don't give up - you adapt. I'm gong to follow your lead and allow myself to be open to change, reworking, and reinventing. Your small addition of the feather to your almost finished collage was indeed - just what was needed. I often struggle with composition and admire the ease with which you just know what will work. I am excited to visit you on Instagram. I just got an iPhone yesterday (the salesperson said, "Somebody call the Smithsonian to come get this woman's phone!"). As soon as my son helps me, I'll get an Instagram account and come calling - can't wait to see your work there!

  9. Amy--nice to see some of your new work! I, too, have "diminished blog posts. I dislike Pinterest, but will keep up with it if only to post incredible student work. I may give Instagram a try, although that would add yet another web "rabbit hole" for me to go down. Hope all is well with you!

  10. Amy, you are so good at this. Love the reconstruction, as usual. I would love to be able to do Instagram, but it is not supported on my laptop. My phone isn't smart!

    Although I do understand that you'll be posting less, I hope you don't abandon blogging totally. I love your posts!

  11. Your work is so amazing, Amy ... I always look forward to seeing it - either here or IG.

  12. I just found your blog and am new to this type of art. I hope you continue to blog even if sporadic, I once spent a lot of time in decorative painting and since moving to Az haven't picked it up but working my way back into my craft room. It is amazing how lost you can become, in a good way, while painting and designing. Have you seen inspirewomensretreats.blogspot.com. She also has some beautiful work.

  13. There seems to be a collage virus going around...I've had it for years as well! Hope I never get"well"! Blogging is still very important . I do Instagram as well, but I just can't get as deep with it as with a good blog post! Create ON! Laura


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